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Great Products at Kajeje Ltd.

Heya guys!

I’m back. Exam season is finally over. This means I can now devote my time to non-academic pursuits (my university practically requires all facets of your life to come to a temporary halt during that last month of the semester. I really can’t wait to be done with all this—one more sem left! ?) I’ve digressed a little bit…anyway, back to the subject.

About a month ago, Cici and I got an awesome opportunity to visit Kajeje Limited. Let’s just say the experience was GREAT. From the start, I should probably clear up some things: the folks at Kajeje specialize in supplying all and any hair products you-could-possibly-need rather than the usual hair salon styling. However, at their offices, they’ve got the cutest, Pinterestesque demo-centre where they showcase their products on clients, which is what CICI and I were there to do. It is possible to book a hair appointment at this demo-centre. If you are interested, drop us a comment or message.

The brands they work with mostly are Vitale, Ossat naturals. Kinks, Curls & Coils, Elentee Soy Organics, Organic Hair Energizer, Hawaiian Silk but these are just a few in a highly varied supply.



How amazing does our hair look? I mean, Cici is out here looking like one of those natural hair YouTubers with them popping curls. All this was possible with the array of products available at Kajeje and of course, Peter’s wonderfully gifted hands.

Wanna know how it all went down? Keep reading. Heads up: There’s going to be A LOT of photos in this post.

CICI was up first. Peter started her off with a slight trim, to get rid of split ends (like any normal length-chaser, she’d been avoiding these trims for a while now but she gave in after a little persuasion from Peter and I—haha!)

she had previously kept her hair in a stretched-out puff

look at that length!

so thick, so healthy

the magic stuff

Peter used the Kinks Curls & Coils line on CICI’s lovely hair. If I could only have one line of natural hair products my whole life, it would be this. Not only does it smell so yummy—her hair honestly smelt edible, but also leaves the hair feeling extremely moisturised. The gel used even managed to pop CICI’s curls and keep it soft at the same time, not many gels can do that.

a wash with the hydrating shampoo

you can almost smell the YUMMINESS OF THE NOURISHING HAIR MILK from this picture

the treatment was washed out, CICI’s clearly enjoying the hair wash

this…this is the stuff!

the shingling method making those curls pop

The method Peter used to get each and every one of CICI’s curls POPPING is known as shingling. I’m sure you’ve heard of it if you’re a natural hair enthusiast who’s spent enough hours on YouTube. He somehow managed to make it look like such an easy process, and we all know it isn’t. ?

a little fluff here and there

all dried up and set

Peter finished off by spraying CICI’s hair with the lightweight shine mist, to give it that extra oomph.

How cute is this demo-centre? It’s such a pretty space!

The coolest blow-drier stand ever

Once CICI was done and waiting for her curls to air-dry, peter got to work on my babies. (I’ve been calling my locs my babies for the longest time and I’m not about to stop. I guess it might be true what they say about locs fostering attachment issues…?)

Mini length-check

The line used on my hair was Ossat naturals. Which was equally as pleasing to the olfactory nerves.?

Peter started me off with a slight trim, to get rid of some thinning ends. He followed this with a co-wash then applied the deeper moisture mask. I sat under a drier for a few minutes to gain as much moisture as possible! I then had it washed off and we got to twisting up my hair growth.

nothing like a good hair wash to have you feeling relaxed

the deep moisture mask working its magic

he braided the locs up—before i sat in the drier—to get that wavy look

a quick clean up on my undercut


and it’s a wrap!

a picture with the master himself

Although Cici and I are a bit biased to natural hair, don’t think you’d be left out of Kajeje if you don’t fall in this category. They cover everyone; be it guys looking for something to texturize and clean up their fade, peeps with relaxed hair to even anyone transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair.

A lovely lady had an appointment at the demo-centre right after us and let me showcase her transitioning hair and the products Peter used on it.

Well, there you have it. I hope that’s given you a glimpse into what Kajeje Limited has to offer. Check them out soon and let us know what you think.

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— Ivy and CICI xx



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