‘Screams’ BY Jaaziyah Shiraz

A poetry corner was one thing I was sure would have to be implemented on this blog. I love poetry but mostly reading it rather than writing. Writing poetry is still an unfamiliar concept to me, sometimes my words just don’t match up with the thoughts I want to express. Which is why, when I come across insanely talented poets like Jaaziyah Shiraz, I can’t help but marvel at them. Jaaziyah is a fellow student at Strathmore Law School, she likes to go on murder sprees in her spare time (jk jk). Ha-ha! Her words, not mine. ?

The following is a poem she let me share with all of you. It’s titled, ‘Screams’.

They keep me up from miles away,

They keep me up and how I wish they could stay,

Salt water encases them,

The only form of comfort that they will know henceforth,

When did it become okay to make the sea our graveyard?

My so-called religion is now a curse yet I am but one of many pleas,


Asking the world to not affiliate ‘Muslim’ with ‘Terrorist’ – it’s just not the same thing.

Our pleas lost with these refugees at sea.

I see the tears pool in ma’s eyes at the news of another child, barely eight years old, fighting for survival.

Turned away from the ones that sought to help and protect,

What is in religion and beliefs when the traitors are the ones wearing the masks, holding the guns?

Islam I have chosen to part ways with out of fear that you, Europe, will not accept me,


But we’re all the same,

We’re all refugees on Planet Earth – here for a limited time till our deaths taking asylum on her shores.

Upon my death please ensure that I too am buried in the icy salt water, this graveyard, with brothers’ and sisters’ I will never meet.



Heya! I'm Wambui Mabelle. Founder of this blog. Twenty-something year old Kenyan. Lawyer by day, writer by night, foodie by weekends and muser everyday.



Amazing ???



Beautiful poem. With a heavy message.
I am Looking forward to more poems.
Nice work Jaaziyah 🙂


Wangari Ngunjiri

Such a captivating poem. Thumbs up Jaaziyah! 🙂


Kristie Mandy

???What powerful poem to begin the week with ✊✊✊


Aziz Yakub



Wa Njeri

nice poem…..#Jaaziyah hailing her plea…..not to be victimized.
What a big message it carries


iram shiraz satar

Keep it up ? Always from the heart!



Awesome stuff,love it
Powerful text with meaning





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